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Smartphones to kill off landlines within five years!

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New research from Virgin Media Business claims smartphones will make the office landline redundant within five years.The majority of UK CIOs believe the work landline will be redundant within the next five years due to the rise in adoption of the smartphone.

The figure was revealed in research from Virgin Media Business, which saw 500 CIOs questioned by Vanson Bourne on its behalf.

A significant 65% of respondents believed landlines would no longer be an everyday tool in corporate environments by 2017, while the vast majority (87%) said smartphones would live on through technology changes in that timeframe.

“The pace of change with technology is having a transformative effect on the way we work,” said Tony Grace, chief operating officer of Virgin Media Business. “A decade ago it would have been unthinkable to suggest an office without telephones. Now it’s hard to imagine being separated from our smartphones.”

“The sophistication of mobile technology is also having an impact on the PC,” said Grace. “It’s never been easier to work on the move, making stationary PCs significantly less useful than laptop counterparts.”

By, Jennifer Scott

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